Heavy Duty Edge Board

Heavy Duty Edge Board


Edge Boards are similar to Angle Boards and are also used to protect corners. However, there are some key differences between both the products. Angle Boards are made from recycled paperboard whereas Edge Boards are made from recycled plastic. This makes the Edge Boards more sturdy compared to Angle Boards. The Edge Boards have an outer coating of corrugated paper just like Angle Boards.


Edge Boards are mostly used to protect corners of heavy equipment, machineries, automotive parts, construction materials etc. This is a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solution designed to protect the edges and corners of products during storage and transportation. 


Edge Boards are designed to withstand compression, impacts, and other external forces that may cause damage to the corners and edges of packaged items. They act as a buffer or cushion, absorbing and distributing pressure to prevent dents, scratches, or deformation during transit or storage. Additionally, these edge boards are resistant to moisture, chemicals, and most environmental factors, ensuring the integrity and protection of the packaged goods.

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Inner Material
Recycled Plastic
Outer Material
Corrugated Paper
100 mtrs in a single bundle
100 mtrs
Country of Origin


Sr. No.
Size in mm (Leg 1 X Leg 2 X Thickness)
60 X 60 X 5 mm
75 X 75 X 5 mm
75 X 75 X 6 mm


  • Safeguarding corners and edges of items like tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets, and appliances against scratches, dents, and other types of damage during handling, transit, or storage
  • Preventing damage to palletized goods during storage and transportation
  • Safeguarding corners of materials such as drywall, plywood, metal sheets, and panels from damage
  • Protecting automotive parts like bumpers, fenders, panels and doors from damage during transit
  • Minimizing the risk of breakage or chipping of delicate or fragile items such as ceramics, porcelain, sculptures, or antiques